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Jul 1, 2019  04:07 PM | Christian Haselgrove
HBN data issues
Hi 1000 Functional Connectomes team,

I found some issues with the Healthy Brain Network MR data:
  • Subject NDARUW904FMQ in Release 2.1: anat/sub-NDARUW904FMQ_acq-HCP_T1w.nii.gz is corrupt
  • Subject NDARUP908XUJ in Release 4: fmap/sub-NDARUP908XUJ_acq-fMRI_run-01_epi.json is empty
  • Subject NDARJF517HC8 in Release 5: anat/sub-NDARJF517HC8_acq-VNav_T1w.nii.gz is corrupt