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Aug 9, 2019  07:08 AM | Matthias Stangl
RE: Physiological regressors in GLM

I do not know, unfortunatley, in which way and format PhysIO generates and uses the resgressors in the GLM. If it simply generates additional regressors with one value per timepoint/volume (similar to the movement parameters in SPM, for example), then you can very well just load it with an additional text file (i.e. additional regressors), exactly as you described it (it's absolutely fine to concatenate the movement parameters with the physiological parameters, or whatever additional regressors you want to add).

However, if the physIO parameters need to be used in a different way or at a different stage of the SPM processing pipeline, then you'll need to do this on the sourcecode-level (please see the GridCAD DEMO script).

Hope this helps,

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Nobody Aug 9, 2019
RE: Physiological regressors in GLM
Matthias Stangl Aug 9, 2019