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Aug 13, 2019  09:08 PM | Pravesh Parekh - National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences
RE: Comparing ART settings within the same workspace

I can think of a two ways to do this:

1) If its just exploratory purposes and you are okay with a little GUI, simply launch ART by typing "art" at the terminal. It will ask you for the input files (remember to give all volumes and not just the first); it will compute the global signal and then launch the ART GUI where you can play around with settings in real time and see which scans survive. The GUI also lets you save these so that you can compare them later.

2) If you are interested in doing this for a large number of subjects, you could just make a backup of your project and on the new project re-run only the ART step again and again. This of course overwrites the saved files so after each run you would just have to rename these. This is not very elegant though.

I would suggest giving the GUI a try.

Hope this helps


Originally posted by Daniel Westfall:
Hi Everyone,

I have a data set that has a fair bit of movement with some participants. Out of curiosity, I am interested in comparing the more conservative ART settings with the liberal settings and how many valid scans survive. Is it possible to run both settings within the same work space for easy comparison or do I need to create two separate work spaces to compare without over writing the settings?


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RE: Comparing ART settings within the same workspace
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