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Aug 14, 2019  08:08 AM | Anna Vasilevskaya
Meanuas file missing
Dear experts, 

I am new to Conn processing, and ran into an error while preprocessing longitudinal fMRI data. I could not find the answer anywhere on the forum. I have 2 fMRI sessions and 2 anatomical scans for each participant. 

After running the "functional realignment & unwarp (subject motion estimation and correction)" preprocessing step, Conn created the meanuas file just for the session 1 scans, however not for the session 2 scans. Therefore, when I am trying to run the "functional coregistration to structural" step, which is next in my preprocessing pipeline, I get the following error message (copied below). It is looking for the meanuas file, however it wasn't created during the previous step. I also kept "first functional volume as reference' as unchecked. Would you happen to know what I should do? 

Thank you


Error using conn_setup_preproc (line 1618)
Error preparing files for coregistration. Mean functional file not found (err/Volumes/LaCie/Anna/CTE_longit_rsfMRI2/Functional/1034_2/meanuas110088B_04OCT2018-0005-00001-000121-01.img)
Error in conn (line 894)
Error in conn_menumanager (line 120)
CONN v.17.f
SPM12 + DEM FieldMap MEEGtools
Matlab v.2018a
storage: 969.6Gb available
spm @ /Applications/spm12
conn @ /Applications/conn"

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Meanuas file missing
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