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Sep 10, 2019  01:09 AM | Edward Chou
RE: color of nodes and edges
Originally posted by Edward Chou:
Hi Mingrui, thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay from my end- just saw this today.

I am using BrainNet Viewer version 1.63 (20181219). The error message I pasted actually shows up when I try to use the button you described to change colors.

I've looked into it more and it seems like a Matlab uisetcolor issue rather than a BrainNet issue. I'll try and test the solutions below, and if they don't work, I'll give you an update here.

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I can confirm that this was indeed the issue (a Matlab rather than a BrainNet issue). Thanks for all your hard work making this program.

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RE: color of nodes and edges
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