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Nov 6, 2019  02:11 PM | Arianna Menardi
Error with deterministic fider tracking
Dear community,

I'm trying to run deterministic fiber tracking on HCP preprocessed data. To do so, I opened the "Tracking and Network" from the PANDA utilities. in the Native Folder, I put the path to a folder containing my data.nii.gz, bvec, bval and nodif_brain_mask.nii.gz as specified in the PANDA manual. I have then checked the "deterninistic fiber tracking" box leaving all default settings. After, I simply press run. However, I'm running into an error immediately after launching which says the following.

Please help me!

Thank you


JobName: DeterministicTracking_00001
Status: failed
Log of the (matlab) job : DeterministicTracking_00001
Started on 06-Nov-2019 14:59:50
User: pnc
host : pnc010
system : unix
The job starts now !
The resulted b vector file for DTK has been saved as: /dati/subject/data/trackvis/ForDTK_bvecs
/home/pnc/Documents/PANDA_1.3.1_64/diffusion_toolkit/dti_recon /dati/subject/data/00001/data.nii.gz /dati/subject/data/trackvis/dti -gm /dati/subject/data/trackvis/ForDTK_bvecs -ot nii.gz -b0_th
Can not detect number of b0 for this data.
/home/pnc/Documents/PANDA_1.3.1_64/diffusion_toolkit/dti_tracker /dati/subject/data/trackvis/dti /dati/subject/data/trackvis/00001_dti_FACT_45_02_1_0.trk -fact -at 45 -m /dati/subject/data/00001/nodif_brain_mask.nii.gz -m2 /dati/subject/data/trackvis/dti_fa.nii 0.2 1
system('/home/pnc/Documents/PANDA_1.3.1_64/diffusion_toolkit/dti_tracker /dati/subject/data/trackvis/dti /dati/subject/data/trackvis/00001_dti_FACT_45_02_1_0.trk -fact -at 45 -m /dati/subject/data/00001/nodif_brain_mask.nii.gz -m2 /dati/subject/data/trackvis/dti_fa.nii 0.2 1')
** ERROR (nifti_image_read): failed to find header file for '/dati/subject/data/trackvis/dti_tensor.nii'

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Error with deterministic fider tracking
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