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Nov 8, 2019  10:11 AM | Jochem Jansen - Leiden University
Status stuck at "submitted"
Dear members/developers,

I want to analyse my diffusion dataset through the PANDA pipeline. The analysis is running on a linux server, with fsl and matlab (v2019a) installed.

I was successful in setting up the analysis in the GUI and when i start to run the analyses, the outputfolder is created and the status for all subjects move from "wait..." to "submitted". However, when i checked back 24h later, the status was unchanged. When i checked the log files, i noticed that no jobs had been run/finished whatsoever. Please find the log files for the analyses attached. 

Does anyone know what the issue is? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Status stuck at "submitted"
Jochem Jansen Nov 8, 2019
Jochem Jansen Nov 21, 2019