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Nov 15, 2019  10:11 AM | Martin Styner
RE: noGUI and batching
Unfortunately, in this particular project, the GUI is not sufficiently separated from the functionality. That means, the "noGUI" option still uses Qt and opens a QtApp, but does not actually show a window. Thus you need to have an X11 connection active.

Now, Auto_EACSF generates scripts and then runs the main script via python. So, you could have it first generate the scripts for a larger set of data (killing the app as soon as the scripts have been generated) and then your own script executes those scripts.


Originally posted by petemade:

We are now trying to batch with the --noGUI flag but have found that the process still hangs with a GUI-related error if we don't use X forwarding. The error is as follows:

QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display :110
Aborted (core dumped)

Here is the Auto_EACSF call: ./Auto_EACSF --param /HCP_T1_T2_images/output/149741/configFile.json --noGUI

Why does this error still come up with the --noGUI flag? And is there a way to batch without X forwarding?


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RE: noGUI and batching
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