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Dec 2, 2019  03:12 PM | Matthias Stangl
ROI issue GLM2
Hi, the error message you are getting is just a very general Matlab error
message that tells you that you are trying to access a field of a variable
that does not exist. For example, if your ROI consists of 100 voxels, and
you are trying to access voxel 101, you'll get this error.

In the context of GridCAT analyses, I just can't tell you where the error
originates, as there are just too many possibilities and the error is way
too general.

Try to do some sanity checks with your data. For example, how many voxels do
you have in your mask (>0?), are they coded with "1"? Do at least some of
your voxels survive the masking threshold (see GridCAT manual for more
info). Do your grid orientations, as estimated by GLM1, make sense (or are
they for example NaN, or something weird)?

My best guess is that you are trying to run GLM2 but you do not have any
voxels in your mask (or maybe no voxel survives the threshold, which you can
try by setting the threshold to an extreme value). But these are all just
guesses, as the error you are getting does not come from the GridCAT itself,
but it just very general and could come from literally any step in the
pipeline. I am afraid you'll have to dive deeper into your data and check
our what the issue could be. Best, Matthias

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ROI issue GLM2
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