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Dec 6, 2019  06:12 AM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
RE: Catalina compatibility
Hi Maria

Still working on these issues. One possible fix suggested by Guillaume for Matlab's SPM/CONN releases is to cd to the folder where you have installed SPM and run the OS-level command (from a terminal):

find . -name "*.mexmaci64" -exec xattr -d {} \;

For standalone versions you may also need to run a similar command for any executable that the standalone version may need (e.g. Matlab's runtime MCR). If that does not work I would probably suggest to try simply re-installing MCR on your computer.

Hope this helps
Originally posted by maria martin:
Hello all, my previous version of standalone conn for mac is no longer working after update for catalina version of mac os. Does anyone knows a solution (rather than going back to old mac os version), or is aware of a possible future release that will be compatible? Thank you!

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RE: Catalina compatibility
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