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Dec 10, 2019  12:12 PM | Rie Asano
RE: Problems with 3D overlay/render

I have the same problem regarding 3D render view with windows 10.
In my case, too, everything is set on the extremely left position when I load my overlay image.
As you suggested, I adjusted the opacity and overlay setting, which enabled me to see the overlay, but some problem remains.
For example, I played a bit around and found out that my setting option "brighten" and "surface color" does not work.
I also cannot use the option "standard", "glass", "occlusion" and "slow".
When I click "Slow", I get the error "GLSL error ERROR: 0:53: 'assign': l-value required".
In other cases, the image just doesn't appear.
Maybe, those problems relate to each other?
Please let me know if you need screen shot.




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