help > suggestion to prevent overwriting annotation files
Dec 16, 2019  01:12 AM | Anne Liu
suggestion to prevent overwriting annotation files
Dear Vaa3d team,

I have discovered that when finished annotating one set of volume in terafly, if you open another set of volume (without closing terafly first) & start annotating the save button is still available (instead of being unavailable when first open terafly).

If one mistakenly saves instead of saving as, then the new annotation overwrites the previous one (for the previous brain volume).

I learnt this the hard way and was able to recover the days of work thanks to the autosaves in Vaa3d.

I now put a sticky note on my screen saying: close and reopen vaa3d completely before switching brains!

Is there a smarter way of preventing this? Some warning messages could be very helpful!

ps: terafly is such a big help for 3d annotation, thanks for the great tool.