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Dec 25, 2019  12:12 AM | mayamaya
Problem with spatial processing - POS file
Hi :)

I've ran a certain set of data files on my PC in the lab and got a POS file which matched the true setting of the optodes. Went through the whole analysis and all was good.
Then, I tried to run the *SAME* files (double checked that nothing changed within the csv files) on my laptop but the POS file I get absolutely different - the channels are all situated in the frontal cortex and the numbers don't relate to their true physical setting.
I'm not getting any error message in MATLAB...

Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be and where I should look?

Additional details:
Reading Hitachi files..
The PC runs MATLAB version 2018a if I remember correctly and on my laptop it's 2015b.

Thank you very much!