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Feb 21, 2020  11:02 AM | edorone
Probablistic maps for IIT_bundles?

The files in the latest version (v.5) of "IIT_bundles" are NOT probabilistic maps (i.e., the voxel values are integers, and in particular not probability values that allow a simple thresholding), as opposed to previous versions (for example. 4.1).

What sort of normalization should I apply in order to transform the ROI maps to probabilistic maps? (the manual only explains about spatial normalization, which is irrelevant here since I already have all my files in MNI space). What do the integer values represent? (I only found explanations about the values in IIT_WM_atlas file)

Thank you.

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Probablistic maps for IIT_bundles?
edorone Feb 21, 2020
Konstantinos Arfanakis Feb 23, 2020