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Feb 27, 2020  07:02 AM | Paul Janewuik
Coregistration before VLSM
Hello everybody,
I'm very new to VLSM analysis, so  sorry for the silly questions:

- Assuming that I have a sample of stroke patients with specific lesions (T1 AND Flair .nii sequences) do I have to normalize every segmented lesion from each patients (saved as .nii file) to a MNI space before to create a .mat file to be used by Niistat?
- If so, can I use normalize-segmentation function of clinicaltoolbox fir SPM12 to do such a normalization?

Thank you very much for your help.



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Coregistration before VLSM
Paul Janewuik Feb 27, 2020
Chris Rorden Mar 5, 2020