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Mar 2, 2020  02:03 PM | Marc Lalancette - Montreal Neurological Institute
Stereotaxic coordinates

Thanks for this atlas.  How would you convert to stereotaxic coordinates from WHS coordinates, or the other way around?  Bregma and lambda landmarks are provided, but I believe we would also need the interaural line to be able to do this.  I am unable to determine it on the T2* image.  (Note: I am not familiar with rat anatomy, I only searched online to find images and definitions of the coordinate systems.)

We used the atlas to build a head model that we will use for electrophysiology, but we will need to be able to align it with our sensors by measuring external landmarks.  (2 landmarks is not enough to align a 3d object.)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Stereotaxic coordinates
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