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Mar 5, 2020  10:03 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: Coregistration before VLSM
Yes, I would use the Clinical Toolbox to warp each image to standard space

1. Use the clinical toolbox to warp the lesion to standard space

2. You can then use the nii_nii2mat function to convert the NIfTI format lesion to the mat format

3. Note that NiiStat will use EITHER the NIfTI lesion file or the MAT file. So you can actually skip step 2. However, if you use the .mat file the software will cache region of interest values into the file, which makes subsequent analyses a bit faster.

4. If you do region of interest analyses, you should make sure that the files in the ROI folder are in the same space as your images. By default, these assume SPM12's clinical toolbox was used. This creates brains with a shape influenced by the average brains for older individuals (who have larger ventricles than young adults). You will want to use different ROI templates if you normalized to the default SPM12 template (which has smaller ventricles) or to an MNI template (the MNI template is larger than the average brain), as shown in Figure 1 of

5. For voxelwise analyses, you just need all brains warped to the SAME template, but you do not need to worry about matching the images in the ROI folder.

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RE: Coregistration before VLSM
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