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Mar 25, 2020  08:03 PM | Hanchuan Peng
RE: Problem of build Vaa3d in ubuntu18.04
You may try this first to ensure the main vaa3d program can build first w/o a problem

>> ./build.linux -j4 -noplugins

If this comes back with a useable vaa3d program, you can then build the individual plugins.

Note, as this is an Open Source project, it is indeed very convenient for you to just read the scripts you were running to figure out what's going on.


Originally posted by Yang bin:
Thanks for your reply!

Maybe I didn't clearly describe my problem. I'm really sorry. I will describe clearly my problem below.

1. The software I installed

ubuntu 18.04

qt 4.7.3

make 4.1

2. Problem
run ./build.linux -j4

    compilation terminated
    makefile:212:recipe for target 'moc_sync_z_cut_plugin.o' failed  
    make:***['moc_sync_z_cut_plugin.o'] Error 1
    make:*** waitting for unfinished jobs....
    makefile:206:recipe for target 'sync_z_cut_plugin.o' failed
    make:*** [sync_z_cut_plugin.o] Error 1

I guess it's a question of 'make', but 'make' works

3. Last but not least

Because the platform is not convenient for uploading photos, I wrote a document on github detailing my problem. (


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