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Mar 26, 2020  03:03 PM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
RE: niftiNORMS vs. niftiDATA
Hi Omar,

Yes, the niftiDATA*.nii are the denoised BOLD signal timeseries (in 19b and above these are named dswau*.nii instead), while the niftiNORMS* files contain the BOLD signal temporal standard deviation (these are used for quality control as well as for ALFF computations).

In particular nifitiNORMS_Subject*_Session* contains the BOLD signal temporal standard deviation at each voxel after denoising computed separately for each session, while niftiNORMS_Subject*_Condition* contains the same measure computed before and after denoising and separately for each condition (e.g. potentially aggregating across multiple sessions)

Originally posted by Jose Maximo:

I have a quick question.

In results/preprocessing

I understand that niftiDATA_*_Condition000.nii is the residual time series after accounting for motion and bandpass filtering. 

What about niftiNORMS_*_Session001.nii. That is a 3D image (compared to 4D image from niftiDATA) and would like to know what that is.

I ask because we want to account for age and gender in our data and use it outside of CONN and are wondering which files we should use.


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RE: niftiNORMS vs. niftiDATA
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