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Jun 2, 2020  07:06 PM | Mingrui Xia
RE: ROI drawing
Hi David, 

This is because BNV judges the position of the centroid of each ROI, and assigns them to different spheres. In your case, the whole brain was considered as one ROI and its centroid was located in the right hemisphere, thus, BNV only draw it on the right side. 

To fix the issue, please edit BrainNet.m 

about line 1288, in function a= PlotROI8(fv, a, alpha)
Original codes:
"if fv{i,1}.side == 1
roi = trisurf(fv{i,1}.faces,fv{i,1}.vertices(:,1),fv{i,1}.vertices(:,2),fv{i,1}.vertices(:,3),'EdgeColor','none');

revise them by removing the if statment:
"roi = trisurf(fv{i,1}.faces,fv{i,1}.vertices(:,1),fv{i,1}.vertices(:,2),fv{i,1}.vertices(:,3),'EdgeColor','none');


Originally posted by David Tomecek:
Hi Mingrui,

I have a problem visualizing my results as "ROI drawing," as you can see in the picture attached; the left hemisphere appears empty, although the input nifti covers the whole brain. Do you have any idea how to fix it?


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