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Jun 30, 2020  01:06 AM | Anton Albajes-Eizagirre - FIDMAG - Germanes Hospitalaries
RE: Question on covariates
Hi Alex,

Although the GUI only provides interface for up to two covariates, using the command line interface you can use up to four (for now) covariates.
Alternatively, you can also write the command in the batch window and then run the batch.

Here's the brief explanation of the manual:

In order to see an example of how to write the command, you can first perform a mean with two covariates, see the format it uses to specify them, and then expand the command to include more covariates.

Hope this helps, best,


Originally posted by Alex Rainer:
Hi Anton,

I would like to include subject age and sex across studies as two covariates (as I want to rule out the effects of sex and age in my meta-analysis findings). I added these variables as the 9th and 10th column in the sdm_table.txt. When I run the Mean portion of the analysis, I pick sex and age from the two drop-down boxes as the covariates. Could you tell me whether this procedure is correct?

A related question is that there appears to be a limit of 2 covariates. If users want to use 3 or more variables as covariates, how would they go about including them?

I have looked at other posts on covariates but am unsure whether the toolbox has changed regarding this function since the answers were posted.

Thank you for your help and thank you for the great toolbox!


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RE: Question on covariates
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