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Jun 30, 2020  08:06 AM | Hanchuan Peng
RE: displaying multiple .swc in terafly
Vaa3D allows displaying many swc files at the same time, you need to drag and drop the additional swc files into a 3D viewer (in this case, a TeraFly 3D window)


Originally posted by tyl95:

I am trying to trace multiple neurons in my image stack within terafly, and was wondering if it would be possible to display multiple .swc traces in terafly? I have tried adding an additional "SWCFILE=..." line in the .apo, but this results in only the .swc in the last line being displayed.

My neurons have dendrites that are intermingled with each other, such that it is not possible for me to crop the image stack to contain only one neuron at a time. Displaying multiple .swc files would help me visualise which dendrites have already been traced as part of the previous neuron. And I imagine the alternative (i.e. tracing multiple neurons within a single .swc file) would make it difficult to then separate them out for detailed morphometrics on the individual neurons in external programs?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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RE: displaying multiple .swc in terafly
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