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Jul 18, 2020  07:07 PM | Zhongxing Zhou - Tulane University
A few question about the subject ID of the ABIDE I data (
Dear Experts,

I have a few questions about the ABIDE I dataset.

I have download the data (7 zip files namely to I unzipped the, I found that, under the folder of scan_data001\olin\dicom\allegra\mmilham\abide_28730, there are 36 subfolders having data collected from the site of Olin, Institute of Living at Hartford Hospital. I think the data under each folder is corresponding to one subject from Olin. The folders are consecutively numbered from A00032284 to A00032318, and A00032580. But I don't know the subject ID corresponding to each folder (e.g., A00032284). The Subject_ID provided in Phenotypic_V1_0b.csv is serially numbered from 50102 to 50137. Does A00032284 correspond to Subject ID of 50102?

There are two subfolders namely mprage_0001 and rest_0001. Under the subfolder of mprage_0001, there is a file named MPRAGE.nii.gz. I think this file is related to the anatomical image. How can I open this file? How can I know which subject has the data with anatomical images providing nearfull brain coverage and successful registration?

Erick Zhou