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Aug 3, 2020  11:08 AM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
RE: black background connectome ring
Hi Paul,

Not sure how exactly are you changing the background, but if you do that from the "Options.Advanced display options" menu (visible after clicking on the 'graphic options' button), or alternatively using a conn_display(gcf,'display.backgroundcolor',[r g b]) command, the color of the lines in those plots and everything else will adapt accordingly to the new background color (or at least it "should" do so, please let me know otherwise!)

Originally posted by Paul Summers:
Hi Alfonso,

   noted when playing the scales...
   the inactive connections in the connectome ring aren't set to background, but to a to a pale grey - this works fine for the default or white background (some may prefer not to see them at all by having them set to background / transparent, but for me its inoccuous enough not to interfere)
   When the background is set to black however, it creates a white "star" effect.
    Could / should the inactive connections have their grey-level scale inverted when the background is set to black?

Paul S

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RE: black background connectome ring
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