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Aug 13, 2020  08:08 AM | rossisl - NIH/NIA
datasets generated with AFNI
Hello, I have second level analysis output from AFNI (2 sub-brick nifti files, 1 = mean, 2 = z-score) that I cannot figure out how to properly threshold in MRIcron. AFNI displays both positive and negative Fc in the same file so I am thinking this is where I am running into a problem? Attached is a screen shot where I import the overlay and the threshold is determined automatically. I also tried masking the data to the template to remove any confounding "zero voxels" outside the brain. Here is the output from 3dinfo for the file I opened: 

Number of values stored at each pixel = 2
-- At sub-brick #0 'SetA_mean' datum type is byte: 0 to 255 [internal]
[* 0.003159] 0 to 0.805545 [scaled]
-- At sub-brick #1 'SetA_Zscr' datum type is byte: 0 to 255 [internal]
[* 0.0509804] 0 to 13 [scaled]
statcode = fizt 

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.


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datasets generated with AFNI
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