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Sep 6, 2020  10:09 PM | Mingrui Xia
RE: 84 broadmann area
The BA atlas in BNV was extracted from the template available in MRICroN, please compare yours to this one directly. 
The function gt in MATLAB can binarize matrix easily. Whether averaging individual matrices to obtain a group-level matrix is depending on your study design. 

Originally posted by linaismail:
Hello I am using data from eLORETA, where the BA is defined as 84 ROI. Wondering why in the software it is only 82 ROI.
Second I have 12 partcipants functional connectivity matrix (edge), could you please help me know how can I binarize the matrix? Should I get the average of the 12 participants first? Could you please help me as this is my first time

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linaismail Sep 3, 2020
RE: 84 broadmann area
Mingrui Xia Sep 6, 2020