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Sep 16, 2020  07:09 AM | Ines Del Cerro - IDIBELL - Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute
Longitudinal doubts

I would like to add some comments to my previous post:

Dear CONN users,

I'm performing a longitudinal analysis with two temporal points (pre - post). I was wondering if CONN introduces any kind of covariate or regression variable at any point in order to correct possible differences caused by the MRI session (e.g. calibration of the scanner), or if it would be correct to use some covariate to take it into account.

We have also having some problems for the interpretation of our results. In a pre/post seed-to-voxel rsfMRI analysis, does the results correspond to the difference of the connectivity between both temporal points? Is that correct?

Thanks again,


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Longitudinal doubts
Ines Del Cerro Sep 16, 2020
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