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Sep 17, 2020  07:09 AM | Lars Michels
2 groups and 2 runs
Dear community

I have two groups which have two runs/sessions. 

One group has condition A (uninformed) and A in both runs, the other group has condition a and b (informed)

Now I defined 4 conditions in the Setup

I selected all subjects being in group 1 and defined condition A for run1 (spans the entire session 1) and another condition A for run 2 (spans the entire session2). I also did the A and B coding for group 2.

However, I get this error:

ERROR: Subject 1 does not have any scan associated with condition uninformed_G2. If this is expected/correct please select 'Allow missing data' in Setup.Conditions to avoid this error message

Can somebody assist?

Best wishes

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2 groups and 2 runs
Lars Michels Sep 17, 2020
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