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Sep 20, 2020  10:09 AM | liz_mri
Regression for behavioural variable
Hi Alfonso, 

I would like to evaluate the effect of pain on rsFC of the thalamus. For Subject-Effect, I have the following contrast: Allsubjects - Sex - Pain; [0 0 1], Conditions: rest [1], and seed Thalamus [1]. Would this be considered as a multiple regression and do I need the pain ratings to be normally distributed? Would you recommend that they are normally distributed or to use non-parametric statistics when evaluating the second-level analysis? 

Also, if I want to plot these rsFC values from the second-level analysis, can I import my rsFC from each cluster, and use the calculator to plot them?  Is it right to basically insert the same contrast in between-subjects effects: Allsubjects-Sex-Pain [0 0 1] and between-measures contrast : rsFC of cluster as [1]. Is the R squared value given on the plot reflective of the Regression coefficient at second-level, if I use the same contrasts?

thank you for your help!