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Oct 14, 2020  07:10 AM | Bing Chen
RE: Correlative and group analyses
Originally posted by Joaquim Radua:
Dear Casey,

I think that it is possible, and indeed SDM has been already modified for combining one- and two-sample studies (see ). Of course two-sample studies and correlation studies are not the same, but this will probably be only one of the many methodological differences between studies (others being the scanning device used, the specific steps applied in the pre-processing, and etcetera).

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Dear Joaquim,

I'm a new user of SDM, I also have the same question. I would like to ask that n1, n2 must be entered in the two-sample t-test in the SDM table; but the correlation study has only one sample (n1?), should we directly put the two types of researches in one SDM table?

Thank you very much in advance!

With best wishes,

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RE: Correlative and group analyses
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