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Oct 15, 2020  10:10 AM | Brent Asrican
binary for mac Catalina

I have a mac running macos Catalina (10.15.7).
I'm trying to install a binary of vaa3D, but it looks like the newer releases (3.601, 3.597, 3.544) do not have a mac version yet.

I tried 3.458 and 3.447, but neither would run on my mac.

I got 3.2 to work, and 3.1 works also, but I am unable to load a tiff series with those versions. [File -> Import -> Import general image series to an image stack...] fails because any tif files I try to select are greyed out.

 don't have experience or even enough room on my HD to install XCode and try to build it myself. Help please?