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Nov 25, 2020  12:11 PM | golivec95 - Universitat de Barcelona
Errors doing VLSM with Npm
I'm unable to perform a VLSM using NPM between lesion masks and a continuous variable.
After establishing the desing with 18 binary masks and one continuous behavior variable, I launch the analysis and I get the error:

"Number of Lesion maps = 18
Dimension 1 of C:\VLSM\lesion_masks\wtS08_mask.nii does not match C:\VLSM\lesion_masks\wTS02_mask.nii
Problem with "C:\Users\UB\Desktop\GUILLEM\VLSM\lesion_masks\wtS08_mask.nii
Error: File dimensions differ from mask."

How can i fix this?

Thank you!

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Errors doing VLSM with Npm
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