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Jan 20, 2021  05:01 PM | Robert Alfredson - Duke University
Increasing CUDA implementation for CMTK

I am thinking about attempting a project to contribute to the CMTK code base, which would be to implement a CUDA-enabled version of the programs/libraries used in image registration (namely, registration.cxx, warp.cxx, and maybe reformatx.cxx, along with their dependencies). To be clear, I am inexperienced in the domain of CUDA programming, but because there are several examples of existing programs in the code base that have been ported in this way, it seemed at least possible to envision.

Before starting down such a path, I just wanted to ask if anyone had tried this yet, and/or if there is any fundamental reason not to do so. Part of my curiosity about this is sparked by noticing that at least part of the registration code (libs\GPU\ and related files) is already refactored, in support of the code for finding symmetry planes.

If I undertook this, then I would do my best to align with the existing code conventions, so that my attempt happened to succeed, hopefully it would be useful to others. Thank you very much.



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Increasing CUDA implementation for CMTK
Robert Alfredson Jan 20, 2021
Greg Jefferis Jan 21, 2021