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Feb 18, 2021  04:02 PM | kitty zhu
Contrasts selection for timeseries extraction
Dear gPPI experts,
I have some questions about the contrast selections for timeseries extraction before running the gPPI script.
In the sPPI tutorial(the attention example), they use the motion contrast (include attention and non-attention conditions) to extract timeseries for following attention-modulated connectivity analysis. In gPPI, all conditions and corresponding PPI items are modeled in the GLM, so I wondered whether I need to extract timeseries including all conditions in gPPI GLM model . For example, in above attention example, using function spm_region, I should extract timeseries from F contrast(1 0 0 ;0 1 0;0 0 1) incuding all conditions rather than just attention effect(0 -1 1) contrast, is that right?

kind regards,

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Contrasts selection for timeseries extraction
kitty zhu Feb 18, 2021
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