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Feb 20, 2021  01:02 AM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
RE: Error in voxel-to-voxel 1st level analyses

Sorry about that, CONN's GUI is looking for subject #1 there just to get the dimensions of your data (as it typically expects you to have all subjects processed before getting to second-level results). But you are right that, if your second-level analyses are defined to only include a subset of subjects then the analyses should work perfectly fine even if you do not have all subjects' data processed through the first-level analysis step yet. To stop the GUI from complaining in this scenario could you please try the attached patch and let know if that seems to work? (this patch is for release 20b, to install it simply copy the attached file to your conn distribution folder overwriting the file with the same name there). 


Originally posted by ksellnow:
Hello everyone,

I am trying to run an ICC on a subset of subjects in a project. I've been getting this error when running the 1st level analyses (filepath name edited for clarity):


Error using spm_vol>spm_vol_hdr (line 80)
File "/raid06/LS/Data/analysis/conn_project/results/firstlevel/ICC_121subs/BETA_Subject001_Condition001_Measure001_Component001.nii" does not exist.
Error in spm_vol (line 61)
v = spm_vol_hdr(deblank(P(i,:)));
Error in conn (line 9813)
Error in conn (line 8642)
conn gui_results;
Error in conn (line 10185)

It looks like CONN is searching for Subject 1's data; however, Subject 1 is not one of the selected subjects for this subset analysis. Why is CONN looking for a sub that's not selected to be in the analysis? Can I continue with the second level analysis or how do I address this error?
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