help > Vaa3D not able to save neuron file
Feb 23, 2021  12:02 PM | srijeeta
Vaa3D not able to save neuron file

I am new to using Vaa3D. I used the software once before to trace neurites of a whole DRG using Neuron tracing plugging app2. The generated -app2.swc works fine. However recently I tried repeating the same steps to generate the same file using the same image. But I get the warning that 'Vaa3d is unable to save the neuron'. However the command immediately after this warning is that the file has been saved in this location. The file does not exist because Vaa3D as warned could not save it. After this the software is force closed.

Could anyone help me figure what went wrong this time when it worked previously?

thank you,