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Feb 24, 2021  10:02 PM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
RE: weighted glm script
Hi Sam,

Sorry, while you are right that you can get away with not needing to create a conn*.mat project if you just want to use CONN's functions for preprocessing your data, all first-level analyses in CONN do require you to create a conn project (but of course, you can create a batch script that imports your already-preprocessed data into CONN and run first-level analyses quite simply, see "help conn_batch" and conn_batchexample*.m files to get started)

Originally posted by Sam W:

I already preprocessed and denoised my data and now I'd like to run a weighted GLM. Is there a way to call a script directly without having to construct a conn*.mat project?
I checked conn_glm.m but I'm not sure if this is the script called when I define Setup.Analysis.weight=1.
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RE: weighted glm script
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