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Feb 26, 2021  03:02 PM | Amy Roy
too much movement?
I am new to CONN. Previously when I analyzed resting state functional connectivity data I would examine the mean, max and min FD for each participant to determine whether to use their data. I cannot seem to find outputs in CONN that provide this information. So, how can I tell if a participant has too much motion to be included in the analyses? Is it assumed that because CONN uses scrubbing, that all participants are used regardless of the amount of movement? I would appreciate some guidance here as I am willing to remove participants with excessive movement but I am not sure how to determine this using the preprocessing outputs in CONN. I have patient groups where group membership may be related to movement so I need to be sure this is appropriately accounted for. 
Thank you

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too much movement?
Amy Roy Feb 26, 2021
Alfonso Nieto-Castanon Feb 26, 2021