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Feb 26, 2021  05:02 PM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
RE: unable to write the header...
Dear Elena,

There is no maximum number of subjects that the toolbox is able to deal with (many projects I work with involve hundreds of subjects, and some get into the thousands). I don't see anything in your response that would rule out option (c), since your computer or hard drive may have be set to sleep after, say, 30 minutes of no user-interaction, so if each subject takes about 2 minutes to process, running 10 subjects will finish in less than 30 minutes while running more subjects will not (and that will trigger the sleep condition, resulting in the hard-drive access errors you are seeing). Let me know if that makes sense

Originally posted by elen24:
Dear Alfonso,

thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately, none of your suggestions seems to fit my problem. I have tested the same settings for the same analysis but just for 10 subjects and it worked without any problems. I tried by changing the name of the project as well (I changed from conn_project..... to test_01) and the same issue occured.
I was wondering: is there a maximum number of data (subjects) that the toolbox is able to deal with?
My intuition is that if there would be a way to break the 1st level analysis into pieces, it might work. However, is it possible to do the 1st level analysis separately for different subjects and then in a 2nd level analysis study the connectivity between the groups?I have tried to dig into the last question by copying the data and results from one test_project (with just 2 subjects) to other test_project but this didnĀ“t work. I do not know if this is impossible or if there is something else to be done...

In my case I have 2 groups of individuals: group 1 (21 subjects) group 2 (21 subjects) and 2 conditions (experimental task vs control task).

I thank you for your help :)

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RE: unable to write the header...
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