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Mar 2, 2021  12:03 PM | Cristina Scarpazza - university of Padova
Conjunction of 2 meta-analyses
Dear Experts 
I performed two separate and independent meta-analyses. I now would like to compare them. Of course, they included different subjects and tasks. 
I go to "multimodal" and try to select the two meta-analyses. Despite I am able to select the folder where the data of the meta-analyses are included, I cannot in any way add the model 1 and model 2 name. There is a drop down menu but there is no possibility to select a name or to type a name for both models, thus I cannot run the analyses. 
Could you please help?
Many thanks

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Conjunction of 2 meta-analyses
Cristina Scarpazza Mar 2, 2021
Molly Rowlands Mar 29, 2021