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Mar 17, 2021  10:03 AM | argavi
RE: Buffer Overflow
We found the source of the error in our end

There is a sequence called Mosaic(and probably something else), which is used by technicians
to inspect the quality of the MRI, where the volumes are shown all in 1 dicom(see attached).

dcm2niix can not transform this sequence into a NIFTI. We worked around this calling dcm2niix
to every sequence folder. It works perfectly with all the other and breaks with this one, but we don't
need it.

Instead of dcm2niix DICOM, dcm2niix DICOM/PAT/STU/SEQ01 with a "for".

But glad to know that it is going to be solved soon!

Thanks for the quick reply,


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RE: Buffer Overflow
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