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Apr 7, 2021  12:04 PM | Vittal Korann - NIMHANS
Thresholding in CONN for ROI to ROI analysis
Dear CONN experts,

I am very novice to CONN toolbox and first time I'm using it for the analysis of resting state fMRI data.
I was successfull till second level analysis and got stuck here.

My querries are below:
1) settings I used for regression analysis for controls to check the effect of urban upbringing. Here I selected age,gender as covariates and kept urbanicity index as variable of interest i.e. [0 0 0 1]. First three 0's corresponds to controls, age and sex and 1 for urbanicity index. Does this makes sense?

2) In the 'Define Thresholds' box I selected both "threshold ROI to ROI connections (by intensity) and threshold Seed ROIs (F-test)" as shown in figure below. I just wanted to know the real meaning of using two thresholds? also, what if I use only first threshold and uncheck second one? 
Or this is copletely wrong way of doing thresholding? 

Please educate me more in this regard!

Attachment: threshold_rois.png