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Apr 8, 2021  02:04 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: VOI in mm cube?
If you are just starting out and have a modern computer, I would suggest you consider MRIcroGL not MRIcron. While I hope my legacy software is mature and useful, it does not leverage modern hardware and is not actively developed.

Note that you are given the volume as the discrete number of voxels (1125) as well as the cubic centimeters (0.03):

VOI nvox(cc)=min/mean/max=SD: 1125 0.03 =11.1916 37.9018 59.0193 = 7.2466

Therefore, you can get the precise volume knowing the spatial resolution of your image. This is reported in the header of your image, which you can see with the Window/Information menu item. Specifically, it will report the spacing (typically in millimeters) for the first three (spatial) dimensions I, J, K. This gives you the precise volume of each voxel, which you can multiply by the number of voxels.

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RE: VOI in mm cube?
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