help > Dynamic connectivity error, data will not populate
May 17, 2021  02:05 PM | Ted Maldonado
Dynamic connectivity error, data will not populate

I am trying to run a dynamic connectivity analysis, however, when selecting the first level dyn-ica tab in conn, nothing populates and I receive the following error:

Index exceeds the number of array elements (0).
Error in conn (line 7428)
for n=1:3, set(CONN_h.menus.m_analyses_00{8+n},'value',CONN_x.dynAnalyses(CONN_x.dynAnalysis).output(n)); end
Error in conn_menumanager (line 134)
SPM12 + DAiSS DEM FieldMap MEEGtools
Matlab v.2019b
project: CONN20.b
storage: 627574.6Gb available
spm @ /scratch/user/tmaldonado1821/apps/spm12
conn @ /scratch/user/tmaldonado1821/apps/conn

I preprocessed the data in FSL, I have motion and scrubbing parameters, and everything seemed to run fine during setup and denoising (i.e. I cannot find any errors). Does anyone have any idea on why I am getting this error, and solutions to fix it?