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Jun 4, 2021  11:06 PM | Andrew Zalesky
RE: dNBS error when replicating an NBS analysis
Hi Kim, 

I forwarded your query to Max, the developer of dNBS. Hopefully Max can provide some insight. 

My suggestion it to reformat your data so that it exactly matches the format of the example data in dNBS. For example, it may be that not having a one on the diagonal causes issues.

The error seems to be related to the dimensions of your matrix. You may want to check that the node coordinates file is of dimensions that match the connectivity matrix. A blank line in a text file can sometimes be interpreted as an extra row (i.e. extra node).  

Non-integer coordinates should not be an issue. 

Best wishes, 

Originally posted by Kim Ray:
Dear NBS and dNBS developers, 

I am excited about the new features in the dNBS toolbox. I really like the new results outputs in the dNBS, and am trying to replicate some analyses I ran using the NBS, but I keep running into the same error when using the dNBS: 

Undefined function or variable 'C'.

Error in NBSdirected (line 129)
Error in dNBSrun (line 322)
catch; [nbs.NBS.n,nbs.NBS.con_mat,nbs.NBS.pval]=NBSdirected(nbs.STATS,-1,nbs.GLM,nbs.NBS); end
Error in dNBS>get_ui (line 178)
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback

Can you help diagnose where my error is coming from? 

The example dataset in the dNBS runs without error. Ive looked at the dNBS example and compared it to mine, the few differences I've noticed between the dNBS example and my data is that I organized my functional connectivity matrices into a single .mat file (node x node x subject), and my node coordinates are not integers (e.g. -38.1, 48.8, 10.5). All other files I call are .mat as well (design matrix, connectivity matrices, node coordinates, node labels). Im also using ABCD data preprocessed by the Dcanlab, so the diagonal in my connectivity mats are all 7.2543 instead of the traditional 1. 
My data has run successfully using the NBS1.2 across multiple t-thresholds - just isn't running in the dNBS.
Im using Matlab version R2016b.


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RE: dNBS error when replicating an NBS analysis
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