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Jun 8, 2021  12:06 PM | Andrea Cometa - Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e Perfezionamento Sant''''Anna (PISA)
RE: Can't find Destrieux Atlas .nii file
Originally posted by Molly Rowlands:

I am looking for a .nii file for the Destrieux atlas so that I can add it as an atlas within MRIcron/MRIcroGL. I know how to add atlases, the issue instead is that I cannot find where to access the Destrieux Atlas .nii file, e.g. the equivalent of the default all.nii atlas. Does anyone know where I can download this?; Is there a website with all of the available atlases that I am missing? 

Thanks in advance! 

Hi Molly,

I could find only this: You can download and uncompress it using 7zip or similar.
Alternatively, if you are familiar with python, you could try to use the 'datasets.fetch_atlas_destrieux_2009' or 'datasets.fetch_atlas_surf_destrieux' functions from the nilearn package.

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RE: Can't find Destrieux Atlas .nii file
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