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Jul 9, 2021  07:07 PM | Liam Healy
Error reading nirscout data
Hi all,

I'm attempting to analyze a subject (attached as a folder), but whenever I attempt to load in the data using "spm_fnirs_read_nirscout" I get an error that says:

>> spm_fnirs_read_nirscout
Index exceeds the number of array elements (0).

Error in spm_fnirs_read_nirscout (line 71)
event(count,:) = tmp(1:2);

I'm assuming something is wrong with my events, which most likely resulted because the stimuli were manually entered into the dataset post-data collection rather than during. e.g. while collecting data a stimulus occurs, and in NIRSlab I add the corresponding conditions and times. Is there anyway to get around this? 

Liam Healy

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Error reading nirscout data
Liam Healy Jul 9, 2021
Liam Healy Jul 9, 2021