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Jul 22, 2021  04:07 AM | Abhishek Patil - Vellore Institute of Technology
Hrf weighting for a task-based fMRI design
Hii all,

Thank you for such a great toolbox..

I am using the CONN toolbox to deal with task-based fMRI paradigm.
My paradigm consists of 2s fixation followed by a task (participants have 20 secs to answer) followed by a distraction of 8 seconds (so that the participants don't remember the answer for the next trial). Currently I have pre-processed the data and denoised the data with the high-pass filter of [0.007 Inf].

I have two very basic questions regarding implementing the design in CONN.

1. I have currently modelled only the task and the distraction task in CONN (and no fixation). Is this right ??

2. In the 1st level analysis I would like to use the weighted GLM option. What should I model the hrf as? There are 4 options - no weighting, weighting, hanning, none.

Thank you in advance.