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Jul 28, 2021  02:07 PM | Zahra Papi
RE: The State of Open Data 2021 survey
I am an Iranian student and novice researcher.
I'm proud participate this survey.
Sharing research data Any researcher anywhere on the planet can help integrate the data available for research.
Due to the spread of different diagnostic methods in different diseases and access to computer systems for data collection, even with a small number for each disease can pave the way for more efficient and new diagnostic methods and treatment.
The goal of any researcher should be to provide a method for early diagnosis and optimal treatment, ultimately increase the patient life quality and life expectancy.
My dissertation was "Evaluation of morphological and anatomical changes of glioma tumor in MRI images with deep learning following radiation therapy, a prospective study". I am ready to share the data of this study.
Good luck

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RE: The State of Open Data 2021 survey
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