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Oct 13, 2021  11:10 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: Problems with Siemens data conversion
Yes, you can ignore that warning. It will be removed from the next major release. XA30 users should make be ensure they are using the latest version of dcm2niix (v1.0.20211006) as it is able to interpret much of the meta data Siemens introduced with this new data format. I would also recommend all XA30 users be extremely vigilant in converting data: I only had a handful of datasets available when working on supporting this new format. Siemens should be praised for developing a clean enhanced DICOM format that uses standard DICOM tags instead of the proprietary CSA header seen in the V* generation. However, our community has had over a decade of experience with the old format and are familiar with the corner cases.

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RE: Problems with Siemens data conversion
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